Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamond is produced in an artificial process and widely known as widely known as laboratory-created diamond, laboratory-grown diamond, cultured diamond or cultivated diamond.
Diamond synthesis research began in the United States, Sweden and the Soviet Union in 1940’s to grow diamonds using CVD and HPHT processes. In 1953, the first reproducible synthesis was known. Those two processes still dominate the production of synthetic diamond. In 1990’s, detonation synthesis as recognized for creating nanometer-sized diamond grains in a detonation of carbon-containing explosives.

Synthetic diamonds offer many advantages over the blood diamonds. You can buy them with confidence as they can be bought in fair prices and in its best quality. They are now the favorite jewelry of most celebrities including Angelina Jolie telling us to stop patronizing blood diamonds and be concerned with the world around you. Patronizing these man-made diamonds means that you say no to child labor and earth destruction. You will also feel overwhelmed to obtain great diamonds at a good price.
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